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Former Navy and Air Force pilot Matthew Dank speaks to former Australian Defence Force members on their career highlights, greatest challenges, and their personal experiences transitioning out of uniform. Matt uncovers how each individual shaped their options for future employment, professional and personal success, and how they navigated often complex transitions out of the military and back to civilian life.

Matt explores the keys to building a rich career both in and out of uniform, and delves into the range of education, training, and support service options that are available for transitioning ADF members.

Nov 24, 2021

This is part 3 in a 3 part series on Australian veteran owned company WithYouWithMe


In this episode we speak with Javiera Soto WithYouWithMe account executive responsible for directing much of the business growth beyond the company's initial veteran focus, and onto other under represented groups and other countries.


As a military spouse of over 20 years, a registered nurse and having worked in aiding Defence members through rehabilitation, Javiera has a unique insight into the employment challenges of Defence families gaining and maintaining meaningful employment amid the continuous posting cycles.


In this episode we cover the confidence and self belief that flows from discovery of new skills and new potential from portable careers in burgeoning technology roles. We talk about the Ah-huh moment, the insights and motivation from discovering your preferred learning style and realising past barriers to learning and employment no longer stand in the way. And we cover the impact WithYouWithMe is having on shaping the future of work in Australia and beyond.